5 Nutrition Myths

nutrition Dec 01, 2017

1.       When you eat junk food, you can just burn it off.

Let’s say you crave a doughnut for breakfast. That would contain no less that 350 calories. Depending on what you do, it may take half-an-hour to an hour to burn off. Will you take the time to put in the work? Consider that you may feel tempted to eat something unhealthy again, later in the day. The calories will then add up quick and trying to burn them off, on top on extra calories you are already trying to lose, can become close to impossible.


2.       It’s okay to eat as much protein as you want.

Too much of anything can be bad. This can definitely apply to protein. Side-effects of too much protein can therefore include bad breath, moodiness, potentially damage your kidneys, may feel constipated/bloated, or even, in the long run end up gaining weight.


3.       Eating after you exercise cancels out your workout.

In fact, it is after a workout, that you should eat. The popular misconception is that the calories from your post-workout meal will replace burnt fat. It is only excess calories that turn to fat. Therefore, those calories ingested will be used to replace energy stored in your muscles. This is because after a workout your body requires to recover from the workout and refill your energy storage.


4.       Fruit is as bad as candy.

Fruit consists of sugar. This is where the misconception usually lies. The sugar in fruit is natural and therefore does not have the same effect of the body as candy does. Also, in addition to sugar, fruits contain numerous vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants and tons of other nutrients.


5.       Eating fat makes you fat.

Fat is constantly confused with junk food it is associated with, it is therefore fat that is blamed when one eats junk food, when it is usually sugar or refined grains that need to be blamed.


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